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What we Do Best

At BB Professional Services we utilize our wealth of experience and knowledge to develop training programs that cater to your individual needs and drive your business forward.


We Can Do it All…

…Because we’ve done it all!  We’ve spent decades in business management, training, quality control, customer service & retention, and MORE!

Safety Training

Safety first!  We’ll help keep you safe in the workplace and on the road.

CDL Driver Training

Brad is a licensed CDL trainer with years of experience in training drivers.  You’ll have the best drivers in the state!

Business Planning

We will help you analyze every aspect of your business model to ensure you’re on the road to success.  We help improve stability and quality while helping you lower your costs.

Marketing Strategy

Once we’ve solidified your business model, we’ll help you create and implement a marketing strategy to grow your business.

Quality Control

We help train your managers and employees so they perform at their best.  Then we’ll perform unbiased “secret shops” to track your progress!


We Create Custom Solutions For Any Business

Customer Service, Leadership, and Quality Control Courses

Your customers not only demand quality, they want it delivered on a silver platter.  The truth is that good customer service should be at the core of your business.  This  can become a challenge as your business grows.

We have programs that will teach you how best to manage your employees, improve quality, and ultimately thrill your customers for years to come.

Brad Benne

Your All-In-One Solution

All services and programs are tailored to your business model.  I believe in fully protecting my clients with complete confidentiality.

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