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About US

BB Professional Services has been serving customers and businesses since 1996.  We established the business in construction, retail, and restaurant management.

In 2014 we have now established a driver safety focus in the areas of commercial driving and fleet management and a large focus on customer service.

01. Strategic

Our focus for each and every customer is to map a path to the greatest success possible.  How do we do this?  We use fundamental approaches in aligning business plans or training classes to reach your objectives and to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our use of unique and proven strategies that are customized specifically to your business ensures a successful training plan.

02. Professional

Our company guarantees all interactions and correspondence will be conducted at the highest degree of professionalism.  Our conduct, dress, and communication will always be with integrity and complete confidentiality. We provide all customers with a moral and ethical approach in all our business practices.

03. Dedicated

Loyalty, respect, and dignity are a solid foundation for our business practices.  We view each of our client relationships as a partnership. We will always apply 100% of our efforts to you and your company. Our level of dedication and loyalty enables us to exceed your goals and tackle your challenges head-on.


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